The following is a message from our Executive Vice President, Dr. Jeremy Horton.

After prayer, discerning, and counsel, it has been decided to come alongside our state and local governing bodies in dismissing on-campus activity at least until April 17, 2020. In like manner, the elders of Gospel Light Baptist Church proactively decided to broadcast the Sunday worship services entirely online instead of gathering publicly until further notice.

As for Champion campus life dismissed until April 17, this includes but is not limited to the resident halls, chapel services, cafeteria, and classrooms. If you have an office at Champion, you are not required to use it during this time and thus encouraged to work remotely from home; this will be at your discretion.  All classes are being offered via distance methods utilizing platforms such as Zoom and Google; students are responsible for understanding and implementing the provisions their teachers have made for instructions at this time.

When the time comes to return to the campus, you will be duly notified of such, and online instruction will discontinue until otherwise needed. I thank God for each of you! As followers of Christ, let’s continually be mindful to pray in faith both to our Heavenly Father who is sovereignly in control of everything involving every human being (Acts 17) and for wisdom in this time to be given to all national, state, and local authorities, medical professionals, business owners, educators, spouses, parents, and neighbors.